Being and Nothingness

2:30 pm | Block of 5 Films | BRECKENRIDGE THEATER | 121 S. Ridge St.
Ashley Avis
Friday 9/20
31 min

Film Synopsis: When sixteen-year-old LOLA (Sascha Nastasi) is forced to relocate to Casper, Wyoming with her anxiety riddled, Jean Paul Sartre obsessed mother HOLLY (Betsy Brandt) after a divorce, she fears nothing will ever happen to her there. Arriving on her estranged grandmother IVY's (Cloris Leachman) dilapidated ranch in the middle of nowhere - Lola is immediately taken by Ivy's surrogate son CODY (Connor Weil), a handsome ranch hand a few years her senior. A fter Ivy abruptly dies in the night, Lola seduces Cody, and decides she must rid him of his simpleton girlfriend ALLY (Sloane Avery) for his benefit as well as her own.