9:00 am | Block of 2 Films | COLORADO MOUNTAIN COLLEGE | 107 Denison Placer Rd.
Director: David Ganske
Date: Friday 9/20
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 43min

Film Synopsis : The energy landscape in Colorado is changing. Over the past 15 years, there has been a gradual shift in the way electricity is produced and consumed across the state. The change is not unique to Colorado, but the way it is happening here makes this story special. In 2017, Xcel Energy announced further plans to retire existing coal plants and invest in more natural gas and renewable energy as part of the proposed Colorado Energy Plan. 
Is this the end for coal in Colorado? 
This documentary includes a brief history of the coal industry in Colorado, a discussion of groundbreaking energy policy, and perspectives from local leaders in the energy sector. 

** Filmmaker in attendance