6:00 pm | Block of 17 Films | BRECKENRIDGE THEATER | 121 S. Ridge St.
Director: Tomas Chrapusta
Producer: Ewelina Stryjewska
Date: Saturday 9/21
Genre: Music VIdeo

Film Synopsis : What happens when two creative forces meet? When extreme emotions are given voice and indomitable passion prevails over the complicated matter? Time is in the void, scattered over the past, the present and the future. Sense of place is of no consequence, it’s merely a pretext to show the real and lasting solitude of a man. There is however light in darkness, which shelters from fear. Two opposed forces fight each other, none wins over the other. Good and evil, light and darkness, life and death. All come together in Lone in the Dark. A young girl falls into the deep void of pitch black water and is immediately absorbed by liquid matter. Is it the darkness that scares her to death or is it her own demons?